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Offering contemporary childbirth education classes


Classes are uniquely designed to educate expectant parents on healthy pregnancy, labour and birth, and early parenting. Class size is limited in order to tailor sessions to the individualized needs of the group.  Clients of all care providers are welcome.

Do you want to know what your options are during pregnancy and birth? Informed choice is a philosophy and a process that empowers expectant parents to actively participate in their care, making decisions that they are comfortable with and feel are right for them. If you want to be involved in the decision making around your care, you need the skills and confidence to discuss your wishes with your care provider. 

Informed Choice

Active Birth

Active birth promotes the concept that women be in tune with the natural process of pregnancy and birth, and encourages women to trust their body's ability to carry and give birth to a baby. Active birth is both physical in that it encourages women to use different upright positions throughout their labour and psychological in that it keeps the woman as the central decision maker. 

Position Statement

Belly Love classes provide up-to-date, research based information that is in line with the standards of care in our community. The principles of informed choice and active birth are integral to the material. Clients are encouraged to engage with their primary care provider in order to plan for a safe and satisfying pregnancy and birth experience. 

Join us for our highly informative and fun sessions. Partners are warmly welcome and strongly encouraged to attend!  

"Thank you for your classes leading up to the birth, we took away a lot of information that helped us especially in the first week post natal."
- E.S
Welcome to our new babies!

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