Currently the Childbirth Education Course is being offered only as a full day course which includes all four sessions outlined below.  A course outline is provided as a guide, however, questions and topics requested by class participants will be incorporated to ensure all questions are answered and that you are getting the information you want. Partners or an other support person is warmly welcome to join you. 

Please be aware that full payment is required to secure your spot. Each client is given one opportunity to re-book a session if missed due to an emergency. 

In order to complete all the sessions before you are term (37 weeks) please book your course well ahead of your due date. 

Session 1

Transitioning to Parenthood. Topics such as creating a support network, adjusting to changing roles, and anxiety and stress management will be discussed.

Session 3

Infant Feeding. An in-depth discussion about breastfeeding, sleep patterns and normal newborn behaviour. This session also includes information about screening tests offered to the newborn infant. 

Session 2

Preparing for Labour and Birth. Includes a discussion about stages of labour, medical interventions, choice of birth place, pain relief and coping strategies. 

Session 4

Early Infant Care. Practical skills such as diapering, dressing, bathing and swaddling will be taught. Also includes a review about what to expect in the days and weeks following your baby's birth, as well as a discussion about post partum depression. 


The purpose of this class is to empower you to make healthy choices throughout your pregnancy. Topics such as nutrition, exercise, traveling and working during pregnancy will be covered. We will also spend some time discussing pregnancy related anxiety and fear. Come alone, or bring your partner. This class is for women in early pregnancy (8-12 weeks gestation). 

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