Not feeling confident yet with your new baby? Give it time...lots of time! Caring for a baby is a never ending learning process. Chances are that you're doing much better than you think you are! 

Breastfeeding your baby can be difficult and frustrating in the early days. Hang in will get easier! If you would like in-home breastfeeding support please contact me directly. 



Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Ontario midwives are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care so clients do not need to pay for their care as long as they are residents of Ontario. 

Midwifery practices fill up quickly, so it is best to contact them as soon as you confirm your pregnancy. Midwives offer a choice of home or hospital birth and have privileges at London Health Science Centre - Victoria Campus, St Thomas Elgin General Hospital, and Woodstock General Hospital. 

Midwifery practices in London and surrounding region:

Thames Valley Midwives

Womancare Midwives

MOMA Midwives

More information on Midwifery in Ontario

Association of Ontario Midwives

College of Midwives of Ontario

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